What is a media kit, and why do you need one?

TL:DR: A media kit essentially tells advertisers and potential partners how they can work with you and what you can offer them. It does not usually include pricing (that’s a separate rate card, a topic for a future post).

A media kit is essentially a collection of promotional materials that provide information about an individual or business to potential collaborators, sponsors, and advertisers. It is an effective way to showcase your work to the world and can help to attract new clients, advertisers, customers, and sponsors.

Typically, a media kit includes a variety of information, such as a biography of key stakeholders, a list of services or products offered, statistics about key individuals or business’s online presence, testimonials from satisfied customers, and contact information. It may also include examples of previous work, such as articles, blog posts, or videos, as well as information about collaborations and partnerships.

There are several reasons why having a media kit is necessary. It can be essential in establishing your credibility as an organization. Potential clients or sponsors want to know that they can trust you and that you have a proven track record of success. A well-designed media kit will help to establish this credibility by showcasing past successes, highlighting relevant experience and expertise, and providing social proof through testimonials and endorsements.

By showcasing your work and experience, a media kit can help to appeal to potential clients who are looking for someone with your specific skills set or expertise. It helps to communicate the unique value proposition of an individual or business and what sets you apart from competitors in their industry.

If you don’t have a media kit, you are missing out on a chance to share your story and celebrate your wins as an organization. Businesses are interested in partnering with individuals or other non-profits that have a robust online presence and a large following. By providing detailed information about one’s online reach and engagement, as well as examples of previous collaborations, a media kit can help attract potential sponsors and collaborators.

Finally, a well-designed media kit helps to save time and streamline the process of presenting to potential clients, sponsors, and collaborators (and crafting your pitch is something South Shore PR can help you with!). Instead of having to gather information every time you pitch someone, a media kit can provide all the necessary information in one place, making it easier and more efficient to reach out to potential collaborators and secure new business. When working with a new client, you can send them the media kit before your call so they can get some background. 

Your media kit should be on your website and be easy to find.  It will primarily be looked at on a computer or tablet, so it should be accessible on your website. Some marketers might put it behind a sign-up wall to grow an email list, but you can just provide the downloaded version as well. Your media kit should have its own page on your website. You should also have a quality printed version available to send to organizations that may want to work with you. 

Media kits may seem outdated in this fully digital age, but at the end of the day, you still need to sell yourself, and an excellent media kit is the perfect way to put your best foot forward. A well-designed and informative media kit will guide people, enterprises, and non-profits on how to best work with you (and it’s also a great way to show what you don’t do).  

Who needs a media kit:

A Publication – Whether in print or digital, a publication needs to show how it can work with advertisers and partners.

A Public Figure—If you’re doing the speaking circuit or you’re a known public figure, a media kit will help media organizations understand how to work with you. 

Start-up Business—A media kit is an opportunity to tell your story to outside investors and stakeholders; it helps sell you as a business.

Mature Business – If you’ve been around for a few years, a media kit is a great way to show who you are as a company, who the key figures are, and how people might want to partner with you.

Non-Profits—Having a media kit is essential for non-profit organizations, as it helps communicate your mission, leadership, and how outside organizations can collaborate with you.

Examples of an effective media kit:

South Shore PR Client Example:

Other Examples: