What is Public Relations and What does South Shore PR Do?

I find that this is the most common question I am asked daily, what is PR and how is it different from marketing? Public Relations, or PR for short, is all about carefully managing how a company communicates to different groups of people known as stakeholders. PR professionals ensure everyone sees your company or organization in a good light. Whereas marketing is selling your goods and services to your ideal customer, PR is all about communicating with them so they are receptive to your sales pitch when the time comes. This week we are going to do a series of blog posts on what PR is and look at the different types of PR for your business or organization.

In today’s blog post, we are going to focus on Public Relations. We will discuss what PR is, a basic definition of the types of PR, how PR can benefit your business, and what types. ofPR South Shore PR specializes in.

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is the practice of managing and improving the communication between an organization or business and its various audiences or stakeholders. These audiences can be both internal, such as board members, and senior management and external. External stakeholders can be customers and or groups you want to gain influence with. The main goals of PR are to shape a positive image and reputation for an organization or business, maintain good relationships with different stakeholder groups, and effectively convey key messages to the public. Below you will find a quick and basic breakdown of what PR does for businesses and organizations and the different types of PR.

What PR Does:

  1. Image and Reputation Management: PR works to create and or enhance a positive perception of the organization and maintain a good reputation within the community and with potential investors, customers, and clients.
  2.  Stakeholder Engagement: PR builds and nurtures relationships with stakeholders like customers, employees, investors, and the community. These relationships are crucial to a business or organization’s success.
  3.  Crisis Management: PR helps manage and respond to crises or problems that can affect the organization’s image. Expert crisis management will be the difference in being able to repair damage vs. losing all trust with key stakeholders.
  4.  Media Relations: PR professionals work with the media to get positive coverage and manage the organization’s public image. PR professionals also help guide crisis coverage for an organization in the media.
  5.  Content Creation: PR professionals create press releases, articles, and social media posts to communicate messages effectively. While there are advances in artificial intelligence that support these endeavors, it is not wise to rely on them solely.

Types of PR:

  1. Media Relations: Focused on managing relationships with journalists and securing positive media coverage for an organization or business.
  2.  Internal PR: Deals with communication within the organization, keeping employees informed and engaged. Internal PR is even more relevant in today’s hybrid environment.
  3.  Crisis PR: Specializes in handling and minimizing the impact of crises on the organization’s reputation. The goal of crisis management is to minimize damage to an organization or business’ reputation thus rebuilding trust with key stakeholder groups.
  4.  Community Relations: Involves building positive relationships with the local community and addressing community concerns.
  5.  Public Affairs: Deals with government regulations, policies, and advocacy on behalf of the organization.
  6.  Event PR: Focuses on planning and managing events that help promote the organization.
  7.  Social Media PR: Manages the organization’s presence on social media platforms and engages with online audiences.

These different types of PR serve various purposes, but they all contribute to building and maintaining a positive public image for the organization.

How Can Your Business or Organization Use PR Help?

Now that we know what public relations is and how it differs from marketing, we can look at the most common ways a PR professional can assist and support and business or organization’s goals. Below you will find a few of the most common types of PR support. South Shore PR specializes in the types of PR listed above and has significant experience in performing the tactics below.

  1. Taking Care of the Company’s or Organization’s Image: A company’s image, or what people think about it, is vitally important. PR experts help make sure that the image stays positive and share good stories about the company. A PR pro can also help guide, mitigate damage, and repair a reputation if there is a crisis.
  2.  Talking to Different People: PR professionals support a business’ ability to talk to different groups, such as customers, employees, investors, and the community. These groups are significantly important for a company’s success, so keeping them well-informed is key.
  3.  Handling Crises: PR professionals who specialize in crisis management can help guide a business or organization through a moment of crisis to help a company keep its good name. The key is to find a PR pro who has significant experience in this area.
  4.  Working with the Media: PR experts have key relationships with media personnel to work closely with newspapers, TV, and other media to get a business’ name out in the spotlight in. a positive way.
  5.  Creating Content: PR is all about writing. to reach the right audience. A PR Professional will be able to write articles, press releases, and social media posts to share the company’s message.
  6.  Planning Events: From launching new products to organizing events, PR agencies can plan and run events that make the company look good. This can be a launch party, grand opening, or press conference.
  7.  Supporting Governmental Affairs: Some companies require the support of a PR professional to help with government rules or policies. An example of this might be speaking to a town council regarding a new building or permit required for a liquor license.

So What Services Does South Shore PR Provide to Northwest Indiana?

South Shore Public Relations is a full-service public relations firm that specializes in integrated marketing and the following areas of public relations. We have extensive experience in the following areas of PR.

  1. Media Relations: From the Today Show to national news outlets, to regional and town press. South Shore PR specializes in media placement for organizations and businesses both big and small.
  2.  Crisis Communication: The businesses and organizations that overcome crisis situations are those that have an experienced crisis management public relations professional on hand and are prepared for crisis. Every business should make a plan in case the worst happens and practice it regularly. South Shore PR has extensive experience in helping some of the largest brands in the world through moments of crisis.
  3.  Social Media: We can help you find your ideal customer and build a roadmap on how to reach them. South Shore PR can even manage your company or organization’s social media accounts for you, taking all of the guesswork out of the equation, and giving you vital time to work on other areas of your business.
  4.  Creating Important Communication Pieces: Writing is a skill that takes years to perfect. At South Shore PR we have written hundreds of press releases, articles, and blog posts for businesses and organizations both big and small. Relying on AI to do this for your business is the surest way to eventually need crisis management support.
  5.  Event Planning: An event is a great way to share a message about your business or organization. We have extensive experience from hosting global parties with celebrities to hosting local markets. When done correctly an event can be an impactful tactic to shed your organization in a great light.
  6.  Reputation Management: A skilled PR pro will keep an eye on what people say about your company or organization online. At South Shore PR we know when to step in and implement tactics to ensure your business’ reputation stays positive. After all, social media is the modern-day town square, so it is wise to have a skilled and trained professional to help you manage this tricky medium.
  7.  Communicating Inside your Company: Communication is key for all stakeholders, including internal stakeholders such as employees, management, and boards. At South Shore PR we have streamlined and simplified complex messaging to ensure your entire team is on the same page. Many tactics can ensure that your message reaches your team and we can help support these goals.

In closing, Public Relations is as vital of a tool as any other area of operation for a business or organization. A trusted PR partner with a portfolio of positive experiences and outcomes can be the make or break of any business or organization. Over the next week, we will be examining the different areas of public relations and how they can relate to your businesses or organization.

If you would like to learn more about the PR possibilities for your business or organization please fill out the contact form below for a free consultation.

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