South Shore PR Officially Opens for Business in Northwest Indiana!

Life is full of beginnings. Yesterday was one of those days, a new beginning. I officially launched my own business, South Shore Public Relations. I’ve done freelance work here and there for years, but never in any sort of official capacity. I knew in my gut one day I’d own my own business; this has been a lifelong goal of mine. While life may have pulled up the timeline on this goal, as it often has a way of doing, I welcome this new opportunity.

The past several months have been transformative, and a reminder of how adaptable and gritty I am. When faced with an unexpected layoff, and a cross country move I knew I had a choice, to seek out another senior PR job, or to finally go into business for myself. This time I am choosing to bet on me. I have worked at the highest levels of public relations, leading global brands. I’ve also worked with the smallest of local businesses located right here in Northwest Indiana. I have found one thing to be true no matter how big the business is, each one has a unique and important story to tell.

When I look back at my professional experiences to this point, I can see how each one has given me the experience needed to run my own agency. From a full global crisis in early 2020 during the global pandemic, I helped lead the messaging of a global organization whose narrative would guide a global industry, or from supporting tough conversations in my own community on massive infrastructure projects, I’ve had those tough conversations, lived, and guided organizations through the most difficult times. I’ve also supported product launches, and helped debut brands on a national scale, with celebrity endorsements. And while these experiences might seem big and important, it was the relationships I forged that allowed me to be successful for the companies I’ve served.

I am building an agency that I’d want to hire, where relationships are at the core of what we do. There is a lot of choice when it comes to PR agencies but here is what I can promise from South Shore PR. No agency will work harder to support your business than South Shore PR, because your business matters. It’s not just the sign above the door, it’s the services you provide to the community, and the livelihoods that you support. What you do matters, and that matters to us. Second, honesty is at the core of what we provide and the relationships we hold. If South Shore cannot provide the services you need, we will be upfront and honest about that. When your business succeeds, we succeed. There is no point in making promises we cannot deliver on. Last, we may serve global clients, or the smallest of businesses but no matter what, we are a Northwest Indiana business, which means we support our community by getting involved, volunteering and always shopping local first.

In closing, I want to thank all of those who have supported me to get to this point. I have had the honor of serving many wonderful organizations and learning from them. I am often quoted as saying, “success does not happen in a vacuum,” and this is evident today as I sit as the President of my own company, South Shore PR. Thank you to friends and family who have been supportive though the years, and even more so over the past few months, thank you. I am so excited for this new beginning and the launch of South Shore PR.

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